Jill Fenwick - creative garden design, Bath, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire



Beautiful creative garden design, an abundance of sensory textures, shapes, sents and contrasts
Before commencing the design Jill conducts an accurate, detailed survey of the garden space
Before commencing the design Jill conducts an accurate, detailed survey of the garden space

From her studio in Corsham, Wiltshire, close to Bath and Bristol, Jill runs her professional landscape and garden design practice based on over twenty years experience. She is a full member of the Society of Garden Designers, (SGD), the only professional association for garden designers in the UK.

Her acclaimed work as a creative garden designer has won many awards for her beautiful gardens. A public example is her Show Garden at RHS Wisley.  In addition to working as a garden design consultant, she has given many lectures on garden design including those at the Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales. She has also taught at The English Gardening School, London.

Jill’s approach to designing gardens has always been very sympathetic to the genIus loci  or spirit of place, taking her cues from the architecture and its surrounding area. Her natural ability as an artist and her professional training in Art and Design at St Martin’s School of Art, bring an extra dimension to the field of garden design.

The juxtaposition of one shape against another, the balance between the negative and positive spaces and the contrast between stillness and movement in the planting, are all elements that form the basis of Jill’s designs.  As in Japanese gardens, all features serve a purpose and the garden is never finished until all the surplus elements are removed to reveal the final work of art. Like a sculpture, her gardens are designed to be viewed from all angles and through all seasons.

However, Jill’s designs also work on a highly practical level and she applies to gardens the philosophy of William Morris, the nineteenth century artist and craftsman who said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” 

The relationship between the client and designer is also vital for the success of a garden and Jill works very closely with her clients in order to achieve this.  The following remarks are from some of her recent clients and contractors:

“Jill was engaged to design a new garden, including landscaping and planting plans on a new build site. The consultations, proposal and execution were excellent, and have made a huge contribution to the enjoyment of the home.”
David Walsh, Surrey

“The transformation of our garden by Jill’s design has been so stunning that we decided to spend our summer holiday at home in the garden this year, instead of going away!”
Lisa and Tony Roberts, Surrey

“Jill has designed some of the best gardens The Outdoor Room has ever built. She always shows great attention to detail and the end results are stunning. I would not hesitate to recommend Jill as a friendly and extremely talented garden designer.”
David Dodd, The Outdoor Room Ltd